Complex Climber Large


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Unleash the ultimate playground adventure with the Complex Climber Large, part of our Ninja and Fitness series! Designed for young adventurers and fitness enthusiasts, this dynamic play structure is all about climbing, crawling, and balancing, providing endless fun while promoting physical fitness and agility.

Its intricate design features a variety of climbing walls, both vertical and horizontal and varying rope nets. Children will be challenged to test their strength, coordination, and balance. The vibrant colors and engaging layout make it a focal point of any playground, encouraging kids to engage in active play and develop their motor skills.

Perfect for parks, schools, and community parks, the Complex Climber Large is an excellent addition to any play area, offering a stimulating and rewarding experience for children of all ages. Its versatile design supports both solo adventures and group play, fostering social interaction and teamwork.

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10.35L x 5.6W X 2.8H m

Safety Zone

14.3L x 9.6W m

Fall Height


Key Age Group

5yrs +


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